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Have you ever wondered why GIRLS ARE SO MEAN?

Many women have been deeply wounded by relationships with a friend, sister, or female coworker that have turned competitive, slanderous, or even vengeful. From a young age many girls experience the rejection, hurt, and mistrust that occurs when women war against one another.

Women at War will revolutionize the value women place on their own gender and the way they treat one another. Through Jan Greenwood’s insightful teaching you will be inspired by important topics such as:

• Effective ways to experience healing in female relationships
• Tips and tools to turn difficult relationships into powerful ones
• How to embrace the gift of being a woman

About the Author

JAN GREENWOOD has been a part of the Pink team at Gateway Church since 2007, and currently serves as pastor of women. She has taught and written on many topics related to women and has a passion for creating powerful female relationships. Jan has shared at venues and gatherings around the world ranging from small groups to crowds in the thousands. Jan has been married for more than thirty years and has four children.

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  • If you catch the principles that Jan outlines in this book and apply them to your own life, there is no telling what God can do in and through you!"

    ROBERT MORRIS, senior pastor, Gateway Church
  • Jan points us to a better way—a way of peace, encouragement, and mutual strength for girlfriends everywhere. Thank you, Jan, for this amazing gift of help!”

    KARI JOBE CARNES, pastor, worship leader, Dove Award winner, and Grammy-nominated recording artist
  • Jan Greenwood lays out a plan to redefine the value of a woman with words such as wise, influential, beautiful, and authentic.

    JONI LAMB, cofounder, Daystar Television Network, executive producer and host, Joni
  • Jan Greenwood is one of the finest women I know. I am honored to call her friend. Her dedication to God and her determination to rise above adversity is SO inspiring. In her very well written book, Women at War, you will be encouraged and strengthened as you fight your own battles. Get a copy today and get one for the girlfriends in your world!!”

    Holly Wagner, pastor Oasis Church, founder of GodChicks, author of WarriorChicks and A Survival Guide for Young Women
  • Jan Greenwood unlocks the mysteries of women’s relationships throughout the Bible, revealing how God has designed each woman with unique abilities, personality, and motivation. When Jan was challenged with a life-threatening disease, she embraced God’s love and found inward peace and strength. She brings deliverance to broken hearts and wounded spirits by teaching women to turn from the bitterness of life’s battles and to join arm-in-arm with other women as an army of overcomers.”

    Janelle Hail, Founder/CEO of National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • I just finished reading the first chapter of Jan's book and I have to admit, I wasn't prepared to love it immediately but I did. Relationships are what we all want, and her honest and gracious spirit draws you in and all defenses melt away as she opens up about issues all women face. Can't wait to finish it!”

    Karen Evans, Co-founder and co-host of Marriage Today
  • Jan is more than a friend; she is a fighter. Her struggles through life have not stopped her from pursuing the call of God on her life and I'm honored to be a witness to the wonderful ways she is sharing her story. May her healing, faith, and courage inspire, motivate, and empower you to live the life Christ has called you to.”

    Christine Caine, Founder of The A21 Campaign, director of Equip and Empower Ministries, author of Undaunted, A Life Unleashed, and Can I Have it All, Please?
  • There are few women that can captivate an audience with their deep knowledge of the Bible and rich personal relationship with Jesus like Jan Greenwood. The message and ministry God has entrusted to her will change lives…for eternity.”

    Priscilla Shirer, Co-founder of Going Beyond Ministries, teacher, speaker, and author of The Resolution for Women
  • Jan’s story was not written on the sidelines but in the midst of the battle. Each page holds within it tested truths and tenacious faith. Her passion for women to embrace all that God has for them is woven within every page. This book will call you to rise and find your place alongside all those with whom we are called to fight—not against, but for!”

    Charlotte Gambill, Pastor of Life Church, co-founder of "Dare to Be," speaker, and author of Now What?

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